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Infection Control

When you add our expertise to the lastest cutting edge nano-technology..... viruses and bacteria lose everytime.

Using our 100% complete coverage spray technology, our disinfectant removes all harmful bacteria and allergens including those in the HVAC system, providing complete air purification.

Need a healthy environment? Let Germicide Pro eradicate harmful viruses and bacteria.

Germicide Pro can quickly eliminate any outbreaks you may have. EPA Approved!

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Don't let an Outbreak shut you down. Call Germicide Pro today

Large Infection Control Engagements, with health officials onsite

  • 90,000 square foot Hospital treated in less than three days
  • 30,000 square foot Restaurant treated in six hours
  • 29,000 square foot School completed in five hours

Our Promise:

  • *We will minimize your downtime. We will even work overnight while you’re closed.
  • *Protect your image and privacy.
  • *No job is too large or too small.


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Viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores are no match for us. Our EPA-registered, non-toxic disinfectant is safe enough to use around food while strong enough to use in hospitals and physicians offices to kill harmful viruses such as MRSA, Norovirus, Hepatitis and the Flu and many more.

Our advanced electrostatic technology provides the safest, quickest and most cost effective  way to disinfect without the threat  of cross contamination.

The technology produces small  electrically charged droplets that seek out and wrap around the source allowing the EPA approved solutions to kill the contaminant. All while leaving no residue.

Our superior delivery system helps provide 100% coverage of any  exposed surface including the backside, underside, cracks, and crevices of hard-to-reach areas.

You can rely on us. Let our professionals disinfect and sanitize against Norovirus Outbreaks and other harmful bacterias and viruses such as…..


The incredible power of our electrostatic nanotechnolgy provides other Benefits: