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Why Removing Mold From Your Home is Crucial to Your Family's Health

Mold is a fungus that that invades homes, schools and businesses. It thrives on surfaces that it can feed from such as: drywall, wooden joists, studs, clothing and cardboard boxes. It loves environments that are warm, damp and humid. Mold reproduces by making spores that can rapidly spread throughout the dwelling within a 48 to 72 hour time period. It is a threat to humans and can trigger respiratory problems, irritants and allergens.

One of the most common and feared types of mold is black mold. Certain species of black mold can be toxic and pose a health hazard to pets and humans. Black mold can be deadly if proper remediation and removal applications are not initiated.

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Each year, hospitals receive thousands of patients fighting off mold-inflicted health complications. A portion of those are from individuals trying to perform mold remediation themselves. Older type of sanitation methods, including bleach may create exponetially more problems by disturbing the mold and releasing thousands of spores into your enclosed environment.

Mold cannot be painted or caulked over. The only effective method of mold removal is remediation procedures. Any type of mold, even nontoxic species, should not be taken lightly, for nontoxic mold can make you sick. Mold ishould be addressed swiftly by using professional remediation services for guaranteed removal.

Using our Mold Removal Technicians as your guidance, we'll eliminate toxic infestations in a breeze.

Germicide Pro has a unique and revolutionary process to assess your mold needs and remove it...fast. We use the latest nano-technology and techniques combined with high-powered equipment and EPA approved products to safely remove and clean mold from your home or business.

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Only professional mold remediation will solve the problem once it starts. It takes special knowledge and techniques to perform mold removal in the proper manner. Our expert team does emergency inspections too.

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