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HVAC / Air Purification Professional Services

Feeling ill? We clear the air of pathogens and allergens.

Using our 100% complete coverage spray technology, our disinfectant removes all harmful bacteria and allergens including those in the HVAC system, providing complete air purification.

Germicide Pro can help you control the air you're breathing by purifying the air in your home, office building, or your facility.

other germ stuff

Germicide Pro can help you control the air you're breathing by purifying the air in your home, office building, or your facility.

other germ stuff

Allergies affect over 50 Million Americans, the most common indoor triggers being Cat, Dog and Rodent dander, Cockroach allergen and Dust Mites. Outdoor allergens from trees, grass and weed pollen and mold spores can also get brought indoors wreaking havoc on your allergies.

Germicide Pro's process works on all surfaces, and is safe and effective on semi-porous (e.g. ceiling tiles) and porous materials (e.g. carpet, apparel, curtains, bedding and more). Our electrically charged solution is propelled in the air to wrap around viruses, bacteria, mold, algae and other allergens. The Non-Toxic solution is safe for children and pets and leaves no residue on your belongings.

The disinfectant effectively disinfects HVAC and Air Ducts by stopping the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and other odors.

Professional Odor Removal Service

Troubled by bad odors? We remove them on a molecular level.

We eliminate virtually any odor permanently, by killing the bacteria creating the smell. No fragrances or masking agents needed. Odors from pets, smoke, mold and much more are completely neutralized.

Our advanced electrostatic technology combined with our EPA Registered solution attacks the odor at the source, and safe for children and pets, leaves no toxic by-products, and eliminates the odor.

kansas city water damage

kansas city water damage

Removes Odors from….

  • Pet Odors including urine, feces, dander, and wet animal smell
  • Cigarette and Cigar Smoke
  • Mold and Mildew Odor
  • Food Related and Cooking Odors
  • Fire and Smoke Odor
  • Trash and Decomposition Odor
  • Wastewater and Septic Odor
  • Air Conditioning Unit
  • and many more.

Bad Odors that we have successfully removed….

  • A car got impounded by the police and sat there for 10 days! So whats the big deal? The owner had just went to the Grocery Store! You couldn't get within 20ft of that car from the stench of rotting meat and spoiled milk. After we treated the Car you couldn't even tell it happened!
  • We got called to a rental house in which they locked their cats in the master closet while they were gone at work all day. I have had lots of calls from people telling me how hard they've tried to remove Cat Urine.... with no luck. We can handle it just fine.
  • Check our reviews, you won't find one less than perfect.
  • Our treatment sets the clock back to zero like it was day one of the home or automobile.
  • Mildew smell from air conditioner in autos
  • Mold Smells in homes

kansas city water damage

kansas city water damage

Our process is safe and effective to use in homes, apartments, rental properties, hotel rooms, restaurants, commercial properties, work-out and other athletic facilities, cars, buses, RVs and much more.

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