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Germicide Pro Disaster and Restoration will Minimize Your Property Damage.

It's your home, we get that! We want to minimize the damage that your home has suffered and get it dried out and repaired as soon as possible. Our technicians are trained to clean up the water, preserve the integrity of your home, and secure your belongings.

That's why Germicide Pro Disaster and Restoration uses high-tech water restoration equipment to locate and identify areas where water damage has occurred, but may not be visible. We use the latest technology in infrared cameras, moisture meters and moisture probes that offer quick, noninvasive ways to detect moisture, without having to rely on the demolition of your walls or floors to locate concealed moisture.

water damage
water damage

Even if you have what seems like minor water damage from a leaking pipe or backed up sewer; we will extract the water, dehumidify the structure, thoroughly clean the area, remove any odors, then apply an anti-microbial treatment to help prevent mold growth.

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We have specialized equipment to diagnose the extent of the damage, then we will minimize the damage and resolve the problem quickly so you can get your life back to normal.